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Vimo elettronica produce in Italia da oltre 27 anni accessori e componenti per i sistemi di sicurezza. Grazie alla esperienza maturata nel corso di questi anni, Vimo ha progettato e realizzato rilevatori per sistemi antintrusione, alimentatori e gruppi di alimentazione per il settore della rilevazione incendio, oltre ad interfacce rele ed una serie di accessori per gli impianti di rilevazione incendio.

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Vimo Elettronica has been producing security system components and accessories in Italy for more than 30 years. Over the years it has acquired considerable expertise in the design and manufacture of detectors for intruder alarm systems, power supplies and power supply units as well as relay interface boards and a range of accessories for fire alarm systems.

Founded in 1979, Vimo Elettronica is located in Usmate Velate, 30 kilometres to the north east of Milan, northern Italy, where the business operates from two production sites of 2,000 m2 with a staff of over 30 from production and warehouse areas through to the technical staff in the R & D and testing departments.

Vimo Elettronica is an ISO 9001 approved company. This international standard is awarded to companies who operate in compliance with the criteria and procedures established by a Quality Approval organization of primary importance. Vimo closely monitors its products throughout all stages of production to guarantee the highest reliability during installation and product lifetime. The specific production and testing equipment has been designed to test products in extreme conditions according to the standard specifications. Vimo's experience together with the superb quality of its products makes it the company of choice for distributors and installers of security systems.

Vimo's national sales network comprises a number of distribution points and distributors specializing in the marketing of products for the security system sector. Technical assistance is also guaranteed by a staff of highly experienced engineers qualified to offer the best installation solutions and recommend the most suitable products.
Vimo products are available not only in Italy but also in most countries of Europe and the Mediterranean basin.