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Vimo elettronica has been producing accessories and components for security systems in Italy since 1979.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Vimo has designed and built detectors for anti-intrusion systems, power supplies and power supply units for the fire detection sector, as well as relay interfaces and a series of accessories for fire detection systems.
The company is based in Usmate Velate in the north of the province of Milan and extends over two production units for a total of 2000 square meters with over 30 employees in production, R & D, testing and warehouse.
Vimo is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company. This international standard distinguishes companies that operate according to criteria and procedures certified by primary approval bodies. The choice of Vimo to perform all the production phases in its factory is to be able to control all the production steps, thus ensuring maximum reliability of the product during installation and normal operation.


Always Vimo has placed the emphasis on the quality of its products, giving priority to the aspect of certified safety. Vimo has been ISO9001 company since 1998 and has obtained ISO 9001: 2000 or Vision 2000 certification. This internationally recognized standard distinguishes companies that operate with company quality systems that guarantee the supplier-customer relationship. In order to comply with the regulations in force, most of Vimo elettronica's products are approved by IMQ according to the CEI 79/2 regulation for safety systems as well as according to the EN54-4 standard for power supplies for fire protection systems and according to EN1155 for electromagnets for fire doors.
Furthermore, Vimo has always been attentive to international standards and produces, in compliance with the European Standard EN50131, a series of equipment for safety systems. This standard is already applied in some European Community countries and is intended to replace the national standards that establish the acceptability criteria for products for safety systems. The specific equipment for production and testing have been studied to test the equipment in the conditions more extreme and as required by the reference standards. The experience gained in the years of activity, together with the high quality standards of its products, make Vimo a reference company for distributors and installers of security systems. The Italian sales network is based on a series of agents with deposit and a series of distributors specialized in the sale of security products.

Technical assistance is guaranteed by technical staff with extensive experience in the field of security systems. A team of technicians is able to advise the best solutions for any installation problem and for choosing the most suitable products.

In addition to the national market, Vimo elettronica products are available in most European countries and in the Mediterranean basin.


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